Indulge yourself in our wellness activities with thermal spa jacuzzi and massage therapies. Enjoy and discover the beautiful area with walking, trekking or biking with our experienced coach.

Our Natural Thermal Spring Spa

Skin is a highly porous membrane that takes in minerals and expels toxins every day. By taking a bath treatment you are creating a process called ‘reverse osmosis’. This process pulls salt and harmful toxins out of the body and allows the minerals to enter. We recommend a course of twenty-one sessions to be repeated every six months to maintain health. The sessions only last twenty minutes leaving plenty of time to enjoy the many incredible adventures Greece has to offer.


At the hotel we also offer massages, coupled with a natural spring bath you will feel truly calm and relaxed. Our baths and massages can be used as a preventative method as well as treatment for certain ailments alongside medicines to aide in health improvement.


Our hotel is perfect for walking, whether you want to take a gentle stroll along the nearby stream or hike around the surrounding hills and open fields. The undiscovered landscape is ripe for discovering and observing nature.

The hotel sits in extensive grounds, some we use for nothing other than gazing at but there’s a lot with more to
offer. Fantastic views are on offer from the heights of the surrounding hills. Those looking for a more gentle stroll need not
worry, we have plenty to suggest.


With local roads connecting a network of villages there are many options for cyclists looking to take in the beauty of mainland Greece and to discover a part of the country largely undisturbed by tourists.
With bikes available for free at the hotel there really is no reason not to take one out for a spin. A testing ride
accompanied with stunning scenery is always a fantastic way to spend the day
After the days activities, be that cycling, a visit to the sea or coffee and some shopping – you can be safe in the
knowledge that with us you’re in the perfect place to reclaim your essence. Bathe in our spa, eat our food and feel
yourself healed, ready for tomorrow.


Enjoy mountain climbing on Marathovouni or Gilberini, on a height approx. 300 metres and continue with a relaxing thermal spring jacuzzi.


An experienced paraglide trainer can guarantee you amazing flight moments that can change your daily life approach.